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When it comes to the construction of any project, it is Eggart Engineering & Construction's job to ensure the construction process leads to a result that accurately reflects our client's vision. Using EEC's construction crew, you will find yourself pleased with all aspects of their part in the project, including clean job sites, production according to schedule, and a guarantee of outstanding work.

Using EEC's design/build approach, our highly trained design staff is able to efficiently communicate with our construction team in every phase of the building process, ensuring that everything is done properly. We do this by keeping everyone on the same page to make sure the project is moving in the right direction, on budget, and on schedule. Our systems, people, technology, and experience in all aspects of the construction business help us ensure that each project runs smoothly. EEC's knowledgeable and skilled team meets and fulfills every expectation.

Eggart Engineering & Construction's team takes pride in their reputation for completing the most challenging projects on time, without sacrificing safety, quality, or budget. We are committed to providing clients with exceptional construction results and outstanding customer service. By selecting our construction team, you can expect unmatched results in response time, communication, and job site appearance. We guarantee that our construction team will be there until every last piece is in place, leaving our clients satisfied that the job is done right.

Construction Services:
Industrial Construction
Commercial Buildings
Residential Homes
Concrete Structures
Steel Building Sales
Water Tanks
Soil Mixing/Stabilization
Fou autondation Repairs
Steel Fabrication
Water & Sewer Facilities
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